Before we moved here in 1993, the smallholding was originally part of a larger farm. When the farmer built a new house for his tenants, this smallholding was created - the large house being divided in two, each with approximately 2 acres.   We live in one half with our younger son , and our eldest son, his wife and children live in the other half.  Judith and I farm both packages of land.  I am a retired builder by trade and Judith worked as a midwife, skills which are very useful around the smallholding!


When I started keeping goats, it was to supply the house with fresh milk. I still do so , but it is now also with meat. We have a mixed herd of around 16 Boer goats, which fluctuates from year to year, and 6 or so dairy goats. All of our Boer goats are pedigree goats with the top class going for pedigree and the remainder for meat. Our dairy goats are used to supply milk. I discovered Boer goats when I read an advertisement in Smallholder Magazine. We now breed for top class stock and meat.


We sell our meat and milk from the farm gate, with it all being produced on the farm.  Milk is available in 1 and 2 litre cartons. The meat is sold as individual joints, although whole or half carcasses are available by prior arrangement. When you come to buy from us you are welcome to have a look around at our herd.


Our youngest son helps us on the holding and also works for local farmers when needed. Our eldest son is a chef, so we have 'quality control' at home! We also get help from our grandchildren who love to come and feed the goats with us.